Sunday, 24 May 2009

St. Michael's Mount - Cornwall

(Click on photo for larger version)

This took me three attempts to get right. The first evening I arrived, the tide was so low that the pathway had completely dried up and really didn't look its best. I knew that the tide would be perfect the next evening as it would be high enough to have the sea surrounding it from all angles but also low enough that the pathway would be visible. I woke up at 4am (I know) to try another composition which didn't work out. Finally that evening everything came together in this shot. I set-up my tripod in place, but had to re-position it every couple of minutes as the tide kept going out. I thought the shot was not going to work until, literally as I was packing up, the last rays of light beamed on top of St. Michael's Mount. The blue light of dusk contrasted with the warm light of the direct sunlight.

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  1. i think this is absolutely brilliant, well done John! Nice touch with the explanation too, makes it all the more personal.