Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cabo de Gata - Spain

Am improved shot of Mojacar at night with a few more clouds in the sky

The full moon brought high tides to the shores of southern Spain. As I wait for the sun to lower towards the westerly horizon, I seemed to be consuming my daily allowance of salt intake from the constant spray from the winter waves. The amount of salt managed to turn my blue, wobbly wheeled Vauxhall Corsa hire car into a shade of white almost witnessing the corrosion in action. My new Camera and filters did not like this.

I had set-up next to this old, weathered fishing boat with lens caps on and filters in pockets ready to pounce for when the sun became ideal for the photograph. The cloudless sky was cloudless, I usually like a few clouds in my shots to give the scene more atmosphere and interest, however no such luck. I decided to use the setting sun to my advantage and give a warm Mediterranean vibe to the image, even though it was freezing, my fingers were numb and my nose was running quite badly. It had been 20 degrees in the middle of the day but as soon as the sun lost its punch it had plummeted to 7 degrees with a wind chill factor of... a lot.

I usually do not point my camera directly at the sun as flaring becomes an issue can ruin the photograph. However in this case I think it really adds to the image. In my landscape photography I try to convey the atmosphere so that the viewer feels as if they are standing right beside me as I am taking the image.
In this image I used a 1 second exposure to blur the waves a touch to give them a painterly feel which I always look for when shooting rough seas.

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