Saturday, 30 April 2011

Spring Lambs

This lamb thought I was its mother for a few seconds. It came right up to my lens as you see here. A second or so afterwards you could see the panic in her eyes as she realised she'd been a bit gormless.

I have seen my fair share of lambs this season. These lambs were in a neighbouring field, I spent an afternoon commando crawling through their excrement to capture these up and personal shots.
I found that in the afternoon sun the sheep became very lazy and not as skittish. If I walked towards them they would run away as soon as they saw me, but if I crawled on my stomach, they didn't flinch. I could photograph a lamb and give it a stroke afterwards. A few of the younger ones would come and investigate to see what I was doing, knowing that a human wouldn't dream of lying down in the poo they just created. When they confirmed that I was doing just that they scampered away.
How can we eat these? They are so cute and inquisitive, each has their own little personality.
After the sun went down and I was told to wash as dinner was served. Lamb chops, my favourite!

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  1. Simply fantastic. I just came across your website and your landscape picture are just awe inspiring. But with these lambs you have just captured the sheer joy of country side at the moment.