Monday, 1 August 2011

Houses of Parliament - London

Houses of Parliament - London

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I waited for the sun to dip below the horizon when the natural blue twilight complements perfectly the artificial light of The Houses of Parliament. There is about a 5 minute window when the light is at its best. If you are too late, the sky renders completely black and the photograph loses its impact and colour; too early and the blue will not be vivid enough.

You are probably thinking... 5 minutes? That is loads of time to take a photograph. 'Its a very piece of cake', as my French skiing instructor used to say.

However, with the hustle and bustle of London and a popular spot with photographers, couples, and the Spanish out in force, there was a very small window when there was nothing obstructing my view. In fact, even in this photograph people were walking past my camera. Why can't you see them? As long as they keep moving they have been registered as non-existent. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to make someone disappear in real life in 30 seconds unless you are Houdini.

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