Wednesday, 22 February 2012

10,000 pounds worth of damage saved and Gorge-ous Turre, Spain in the late afternoon sun.

Perched on a rock peaking over the edge of a gorge just outside the town of Turre, Andulucia - the usual regime of setting-up the camera seemed to be well rehearsed: Tripod level, composition set, switch focus to manual, position graduated filter, check focus and mirror lock-up. All set and ready for that instantaneous moment when the sun, clouds and landscape all come together to create the perfect scene.

All this preparation may have taken 5 minutes, I had already scouted the exact position I wanted to shoot from the previous day (that takes a lot longer) and was sitting on the edge of the gorge waiting for that 'decisive moment' to press the shutter. All of a sudden, I saw a blinding glint of sunshine reflecting off from the metallic paintwork of a silver VW Golf creeping towards me. I literally did a double take and realised that it was in fact MY silver VW golf. It glided towards me like Herbie from the Disney film "The Love bug". Silently rolling backwards, as if suicidal, it rapidly gathered speed as it neared my position. I ran, like Forrest himself, towards the car and pushed it from behind, hoping to counteract the physical and mental gravity of the situation. I soon realised that, despite the gym session I had done 3 weeks prior, my "sinewy" frame and knock-off loafers from Shenzhen were no match for over a tonne of German engineering and the Spanish gravel roads. As it clumsily rolled on to the side of the road, the terrain became a thick, tangled mess of various species of grass, here I managed to dig in my Gucci Loafers into the ground enough to stop the car to a slow halt and prevent it from a rather lengthy drop to a certain death. I just thought, what if I couldn't stop it, I would have been run-over wouldn't I? 

Once my hands stopped shaking and I had put the car in gear, as well as the proved useless hand-brake, I returned to my camera. I waited for just under an hour until finally a small gap in the clouds allowed a burst of sun to add that golden glow to the local sandstone.

Turre, Andalucia, Spain

Details: 5 seconds @ f22 with 0.9 hard Graduated Filter

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