Sunday, 17 October 2010


There are wild ponies in Dartmoor, however this was not one of them.

I commando crawled up to this pony as if stalking a deer, but instead of the crosshairs fixed onto its heart, my focus-point was tracked in between its eyes like a hunter poised for the perfect time to attack. However, unlike a hunter I looked for the striking shadows and best directional light to show off the subject. On this occasion the hunter became the hunted.

He ate his way closer and closer until my vision became dominated by a set of nasal passages. In my attempt to be get the shot I kept my finger on the shutter. Unknown to me this particular vegetarian also dabbles as a carnivore, I know this because he sunk his teeth into the back of my arm. It hurt like hell, and I ran away before the rest of his mates chose the same lifestyle choice.
When I got into the safety of the car, against which the other ponies were rubbing their various body parts, I checked my camera and got the dramatic scene I had hoped for and only a complete set of dental impressions on the back of my arm for my troubles.

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