Friday, 30 September 2011

Moreton Forest - Composition Tips

Forests can be notoriously messy. Trying to find a simple composition is difficult as the forest floor is usually full of twigs and dead branches which makes the photograph chaotic. In my photography I try to make my photograph as simple as possible. This simplicity makes the viewer's eyes look straight at the intended object/view and does not distract them from other elements in the photograph. 

The low lying mist that hangs on the forest floor helps to simplify this image. There is now no distracting background and the viewer is directed straight at the pine sapling dwarfed in the midst of its elder brothers.(photo above) 

I have ranted about lead-in-lines on many a blog post. I use them in the majority of my landscape photographs. A lead-in-line creates the perception of a 3D image because it adds depth to the photograph. You can use paths, railings, stairs, basically anything that invites the viewer into the photograph from the foreground right through to the background.

 Again, the image is simple and neat. There was a blur of a disobedient border terrier in a couple though. 

I hope you like them. 


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