Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Custom-made Frames, The history and the making behind the creation.

Its hinges ripped off from its now naked, weathered frame. They took them purely for their scrap value. The hinges were sitting motionless, when I found them, crammed in a cob-web infested, cardboard box stowed away from eyes view with similar others who had met the same fate.

When dragged out onto the floor into the light, it was only too easy to see the harsh reality of the world we live in. The clanging of iron against iron resonated around the room as I sieved through the corroded box of metal, some bits flaking off in my hand. 

I finally found the pair of rusty hinges which matched the door I had picked out from the others, like a scene from CSI. The old bolt hung loosely from the hinges, which once connected the two together giving its door-like qualities. I re-kindled the hinges back to their original door-frame for the first time since they were torn apart from each other nearly 20 years ago.

I left with the old door and its hinges bouncing around in the back of my car ready for their transformation.

I "scooped" out the middle with hammers and saws to leave just the outside frame 

Wax with a matt finish to give it back its old, gnarled looks again.


             Hinges placed back on the door-frame to give it back its character and to show its history.

Some poor photography with my camera phone 

 Finished off with non-reflective glass, white mount and Nun's Cross Farm print. 

Overall size is 2 metres. 


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